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The New Hope Foundation, Río Negro

Hope and Life
The struggle begun by Jesús Tecú Osorio and other survivors of Guatemala's civil war has led to the creation of the New Hope Foundation (FNE).

Since 1997, the Foundation has been supporting Rabinal's materially impoverished youth, Indigenous and Ladino, who seek a better future for themselves and their communities. To this end, we offer them a high quality education and a strong identification with our local Maya Achi culture at the New Hope Community Bilingual Institute (ICB-Nueva Esperanza).

Our goal is to contribute, in coordination with other similarly-oriented organizations, to the construction of an intercultural, just, and vibrant Rabinal by supporting our youth, both in their involvement in municipal politics and in their pursuit of solutions for a better future for our community - one based on justice, historical truth, and participatory democracy.

Above all, we consider that a quality education for our children is the only way to combat intolerance, construct real peace in this country, and better the quality of life for our communities, in which, to this day, many survivors of the genocidal violence still live in extreme poverty.