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Our Vision

The Educational Perspective

While maintaining strong relationships with the broader educational community, our goal is to provide Rabinal with an educational centre that will be comprised of a middle school, a high school, and a university campus with excellent facilities, including student residences, so that we can offer local students a quality education based on culturally relevant content and methodologies. We expect that this will, in turn, encourage our graduates to spread the cultural values and knowledge that they will have gained throughout their lives. Finally, drawing on the professional, social, and leadership skills gained while attending our schools, we expect that our graduates will go on to hold public posts within our community that will enable them to transform Rabinal's current reality.

The Intercultural Perspective
The people who benefit from the Foundation will have an awareness of their self-worth, will respect human rights and cultural differences, and will become key agents in the reproduction of collective memory and cultural identity.

The Community Perspective
We hope that a significant number of students who come through the Foundation will hold posts in Rabinal's public administration in order to foment the struggle for greater justice and local development that will lessen migration away from our community. This will also enable them to help establish the rule of law, based on justice, historical truth, and participatory democracy.

The Institutional Perspective
Our goal is to maintain a strong, dedicated, and united board of directors that through good internal and external communication will guide the Foundation as it completes its objectives. This will allow us to expand our capacity to secondary and post-secondary levels of education, to obtain public and community recognition of the quality of the education, and to receive the endorsement of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance.